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Mystery Bay Buoy West

Category : Mooring buoyNearest body of water : Mystery Bay
Max boat size:46 feet
Enter water depth at “zero tide”20 feet
Last inspection:17th Mar 2024
Anchor type:Embedded anchor

18" hardshell buoy with through chain. Has a 5/8" pear ring for retrieval, and a 4' flag buoy for easy retrieval. Reasonably sheltered location with generally calm waters (unless there is a strong wind from the southeast). Buoy is about 200 yards from the boat dock at Mystery Bay State Park. The Nordland General Store, which has a boat dock, is about 0.5 miles down the bay. This is a short walk down the road from the state park or a little row down the bay. No shore access on point or other private beaches. Public beach is at Mystery Bay State Park, only a few hundred yards away. No rafting. No loud parties. Please be respectful of nearby residents.

GPS coordinates

Lat: 48.057716
Lng: -122.69838


$30.00 per night
per night

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