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Why become an OnBuoy host?

If you have a dock or mooring buoy that isn't occupied year-round, you have a valuable asset that can be used to help protect the marine environment, offset your equipment maintenance costs, and provide a valuable service to the boating community at large.

Sailboats moored to buoys at dusk

Here are a few of the benefits of sharing your moorage on OnBuoy:

  • Directly help the environment in your local waters: Reduce the need for visiting boaters to drop anchor.
  • Offset your maintenance costs: Through fees from guest boaters.
  • Full transparency and control: Accept or decline requests based on your availability and preferences.
  • Discourage squatters: By designating your buoy as private property and having an official channel for requests to tie-up, people are less likely to tie up without permission
  • Insurance coverage: OnBuoy provides insurance in case of damage to your moorage.
  • No cost to join: Get started with OnBuoy for free.
Add your moorage today

Why OnBuoy?

OnBuoy, SPC is a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation committed to helping the marine environment through our operations and also through donations to nonprofits focused on marine ecology. The goal of the OnBuoy community moorage effort is to help preserve and restore our precious marine environment by increasing the number of safe mooring options for recreational boaters and reducing the need to drop anchor.

Anchors pose a significant threat to eelgrass habitats. By offering your moorage to visiting boaters you can make a real difference in protecting those habitats by removing the need for visiting vessels to drop anchor. OnBuoy seeks to provide a safe and sustainable way for you to make a difference. Check out the video below to learn more about the importance of eelgrass.