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OnBuoy Mast Buoys

OnBuoy offers a high-quality, made-in-the-USA mast buoy for sale exclusively to OnBuoy members.

The combination of a brightly colored flag and a tall mast significantly improves the visibility of your moorage, particularly in crowded harbors or areas with multiple moorings. It also serves as a private property notice to deter unauthorized use of your moorage and makes it easier for your approved guests to identify your buoy so they know they have arrived at the right location.

Price is $100.00 + tax & shipping.

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What OnBuoy members have to say:

  • "The mast buoy makes finding my mooring a breeze for guests, no more wondering which one is mine!"

  • "OnBuoy's mast buoy is top-notch quality and makes mooring a breeze - definitely worth the investment!"

  • "Love the OnBuoy mast buoy! Makes my moorage stand out and the QR code is a great way for boaters to connect."

OnBuoy Mast Buoy